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Thibaut Courtois of Real Madrid has another injury, ending any chance of a spectacular comeback

<p>Thibaut Courtois, Real Madrid’s first-choice goalkeeper, has sustained a meniscus rupture in his right knee, an injury that the team verified during an MRI on Tuesday. This is a major blow for the team.</p>
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<p>This news follows Courtois’s recent journey to recuperate from an ACL injury he suffered in August of last year, which kept him out of action for many months.</p>
<p>The 31-year-old Belgian international’s most recent injury happened on Tuesday during a training session, ending any prospects of his joining the team soon. Real Madrid has been excitedly awaiting Courtois’s return, particularly with important games coming up, such as an early April Champions League quarterfinal matchup against Manchester City.</p>
<p>In their statement, Real Madrid disclosed the nature of Courtois’s injury, including the fact that his right knee has an interior meniscus tear. The team’s hopes have been severely damaged by this news, because they will now need to play through crucial moments in the season without one of their best players.</p>
<p>Prior to this August, Courtois and Brazilian defender Eder Militao—who both had an ACL injury—were expected to return to the starting lineup, according to manager Carlo Ancelotti. In order to get both players back into the first team for the latter stretch of the season, Ancelotti had them play two friendlies against Real Madrid’s junior squad during the international break.</p>
<p>Ancelotti said during a news conference on Friday that “they (Courtois and Militao) have started to work with the group, completing normal training sessions.”</p>
<p>“I believe they can make it (to the opening leg vs. City). Indeed, the plan is for them to be ready for the La Liga encounter against Athletic Bilbao on March 31st, but it is obvious that we won’t take any chances.”</p>
<p>These preparations, however, have had to be revised due to Courtois’s unanticipated injury, forcing Real Madrid to deal with the loss of their star goalkeeper as they prepare for important games in both domestic and European tournaments.</p>
<p>As of right now, Real Madrid’s two available goalkeepers are Kepa Arrizabalaga and Andrey Lunin.</p>

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