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Arya College will host its 76th sporting event

<p>At the 76th Arya College sports competition, held here on Friday, Nidhi (BCA II) and Daanveer Singh (BCom I), respectively, were declared the top athletes among the females and boys.</p>
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<p>Sumit Sood, DSP for Adampur, declared the meeting open. Honorary guests for the event were Dr. Savita Uppal and Arun Sood, who are members of the college governing committee. Suksham Ahluwalia, the principal, greeted everyone.</p>
<p>The annual report, which highlighted the college students’ victories in several competitions during the current semester, was read out by the principal. The management committee secretary, Dr. SM Sharma, commended the college personnel for a job well done in organizing the meet and congratulated the winners.</p>
<p>On this occasion, Dinesh Kumar, the NCC cadet who took part in this year’s Republic Day in Delhi, received recognition. In the women’s 100-meter event, Nidhi won, Janvi placed second, and Shabnam placed third. Lovisha took first place in the 200-meter event, followed by Janvi and Shabnam. The team made up of Janvi, Monica, Kalpana, and Nidhi won the 4×100-meter relay.</p>
<p>Nidhi took first place in the long jump, with Shabnam coming in second and Monica in third. Aarti placed first, Kiran second, and Ishita third in the obstacle course. In the boys’ 100-meter event, Ankush took first place, followed by Alok in second and Manav in third. Danveer Singh won the 200-meter event, with Ankush and Pawan Raj coming in second and third, respectively.</p>
<p>The team consisting of Ankush, Sourabh, Tushar, and Alok won the 4x100m relay. Danveer Singh became victorious in the long jump, with Pawan Raj placing second and Sujal third. Tushar took first place in the javelin throw, followed by Saurabh in second place and Ankush in third. In the shot put, Aryan placed third, Karam Gupta took second, and Harshpreet took first.</p>

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