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IPL2024: According to NCA Staff, Rishabh Pant’s gymnastics background helped him recover earlier than anticipated

<p>In preparation for the IPL in 2024, Rishabh Pant will be playing competitive cricket again for the first time in a very long time.</p>
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<p>When the IPL 2024 gets underway on March 22, Pant, who has been out of the game for 14–15 months, will be guiding the Delhi Capitals once again.</p>
<p>In December 2022, Pant was engaged in a terrible automobile accident on the Delhi-Dehradun highway that left him with several injuries and prevented him from doing the thing he loves most.</p>
<p>Nevertheless, despite having many operations, he recovered sooner than anticipated because to his mental toughness and gymnastics abilities.</p>
<p>Pant recently obtained the go-ahead to play in the Indian Premier League as a wicketkeeper-batter. “The mental strength and confidence inside him made us give our 100 percent in doing the rehab part for him,” said Thulasi Yuvraj, a physiotherapist at the National Cricket Academy.</p>
<p>“The physicians estimated that he may need up to two years. It was like a developmental period for him after he arrived at NCA,” he said.</p>
<p>Strength and conditioning coach at NCA Nishanta Bordoloi says that Pant has a history of gymnastics, which helped him recuperate since he learnt the techniques at an early age.</p>
<p>“One thing was that Rishabh has a background for gymnastic which was a very very big asset for us because there are a few things that come naturally to him,” Bordoloi said.</p>
<p>“He had the ability to fall or roll back to his feet whenever he felt immobile. It gave him a significant edge over others.</p>
<p>“Building his basic strength and educating his body on the nature of the exercises was the first step.</p>
<p>“It requires a great deal of mind-body connection when it has been entirely rebuilt. The cerebral system must comprehend, and the muscles and tendons must work,” he said.</p>
<p>Shortly after the accident, Pant was brought to the Saksham hospital in Roorke, which is close. From there, he was treated first at Max Hospital in Dehradun.</p>
<p>The Indian cricket player had to have surgery for a ligament damage to his knee, therefore the BCCI decided to move him to the Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai.</p>
<p>Pant spared no detail throughout his protracted recuperation, even sharing bits of it with followers on social media.</p>
<p>“Having to do the same task again throughout rehab is quite annoying. However, there is nothing else you can do, therefore you are forced to do it. Though tedious, the more you practice, the better you become “explained Pant.</p>
<p>However, he never would have imagined how much he would come to love cricket after returning to the pitch.</p>
<p>“I become very delighted when I lay down. Cricket is becoming more and more popular; I used to love it more than anything else, but it’s still growing.”</p>
<p>Dinshaw Pardiwala, a famous orthopedic physician who treats him, has attributed the cricketer’s remarkable turnaround to both the NCA staff and his intense determination.</p>
<p>“NCA always has a physical therapist with him. ensuring that the tenacity and energy were there every single day. He’s back so much faster than expected—six months ahead of schedule. It’s a result of his intense passion, determination, and rehab-related skills, according to Pardiwal.</p>
<p>Notably, Pant’s absence from the game cost him dearly since he was unable to participate in important tasks like as the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, the World Test Championship Final, the Asia Cup 2023, the IPL 2023, the home ODI World Cup 2023, and the just finished Test series against England.</p>
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