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“I used to play with coconut branches, but now I share my dressing room with legends”: Sajeevan Sajana’s ascent to prominence in the WPL

<p>The one who glowed more brightly than all the lights on her was Sajeevan Sajana. Her last-ball six against the Mumbai Indians, which sealed the team’s victory, catapulted her into the spotlight and gave the reigning champions a thrilling start to the WPL 2024 season.</p>
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<p>The right-hander made a lasting impression on the WPL when she crushed spinner Alice Capsey for the game-winning six over long on.</p>
<p>Sajana’s actions led her colleague Yastika Bhatia, who also scored a timely fifty, to refer to her as the MI women’s team’s “Kieron Pollard.”</p>
<p>However, unlike when she hit the pitch, Sajana did not always have the tools necessary to face life’s obstacles. In fact, her path to fame began modestly with a coconut branch as she toiled diligently to fulfill her ambition of appearing on a major platform.</p>
<p>Sajana spoke candidly about her modest origins and how her family supported her every step of the way before she took the crease in Mumbai in an exclusive chat with JioCinema.</p>
<p>“I began playing cricket when I was five years old. However, my knowledge of women’s cricket was limited. “I was introduced to the game by Elsamma’s teacher,” remarked Sajana.</p>
<p>“I used to play with a coconut branch and everything because I didn’t have a proper cricket bat at the time.”</p>
<p>On the other hand, I received a professional kitbag upon being chosen to represent Kerala. Because of our somewhat shaky family history, I received match fees, DAs, and TAs when I played matches. This made a little financial difference for our household.</p>
<p>And in December 2023, Sajana’s perseverance paid off as the Mumbai Indians acquired the Kerala batter for Rs. 15 lakh at the WPL auctions, marking the culmination of her hard work.</p>
<p>“I was very unhappy not to be picked for WPL last year. This year, I did well enough to be picked by the Mumbai Indians, which made me pleased and delighted. A jubilant Sajana said, “I was very excited to spend time in the MI camp and share the dressing room with legends.”</p>
<p>Her parents were ecstatic to see their daughter succeed and receive a chance at fame, so her relocation to the Mumbai Indians was the ultimate prize.</p>
<p>“We were astonished and delighted to learn of her selection—she ought to have received it sooner. But now that she understood, I could not contain my delight. After a lengthy wait, our family was ecstatic to see this…Her parents screamed, “Playing for the Mumbai Indians will definitely carve out a way for her.”</p>
<p>Nevertheless, for little Sajana, this is only the beginning. She hopes to wear the Blues of India in the future in addition to the Mumbai blue.</p>
<p>Inspired, Sajana said, “My dream is to play for India, and the WPL platform might help me get there.”</p>

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