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Watch as Arbaaz Khan and Sshura Khan are seen walking hand in hand while being photographed at the Mumbai airport

<p>Every time Arbaaz Khan and his spouse Sshura Khan venture out in the city, they draw attention. They were seen holding hands at Mumbai Airport today as well. Photographers captured the couple in a moment of intimacy.</p>
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<p>Arbaaz Khan is seen clutching his wife Sshura Khan’s hand as they leave the airport in the video that Snehzala posted. Both are dressed in black ensembles. Sshura Khan looks amazing with a black shirt and flared blue leggings. Arbaaz Khan, on the other hand, looks good with gray slacks and a black shirt.</p>
<p>A recent video featuring Arbaaz Khan and his wife Sshura Khan in white t-shirts and jeans went viral. When photographers asked to take their picture, they were both observed strolling down the road. The photographers begged, “Maam, please take this picture, it’s so beautiful.” “Nai aaj toh hum dikhayenge bhag ke,” Arbaaz retorted. Everyone laughed at this.</p>
<p>Arbaaz justified the large age difference in an interview with The Indian Express, claiming that it has a far greater success rate. Arbaaz was mentioned by The Indian Express about their marriage, and others made fun of them for their extreme age disparity. It’s not as if we kept it a secret from one another or were unaware of it. She understood what she was putting herself into as a girl, and I knew what I was getting myself into as a man. In a year, two individuals of the same age may be together and, most likely, separate. Does a person’s age alone determine whether a relationship lasts? Consider this. In actuality, couples with a large age difference have a far greater success rate, according to Arbaaz.</p>
<p>In a small ceremony in December, makeup artist Sshura Khan and actor Arbaaz Khan tied the knot. Salman Khan and his family attended Arpita Khan’s nikah, which was held at her residence. Arbaaz posted pictures of himself and his wife on social media shortly after the wedding. As they posed for pictures, the actor could be seen cuddling up to Sshura.</p>

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