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“Different ideas” for her special day with Dylan Meyer, according to Kristen Stewart

<p>According to reports, Kristen Stewart, who has been engaged to Dylan Meyer for more than two years, is overflowing with ideas for her wedding.</p>
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<p>The 33-year-old actress’ plans for their impending nuptials are still up in the air, according to a source. According to the source, “she has had different ideas about how to do her wedding.”</p>
<p>She could be content with less attention than she had planned. However, it varies.</p>
<p>The Oscar nominee expressed her enjoyment of family life and her desire for more of it.” Stewart “has been engaged and content in her committed relationship for a considerable amount of time.” She reportedly enjoys “being at home doing domestic things” as well.</p>
<p>The actress and Meyer started dating in 2019, and in 2021, she made their engagement public. Stewart has dated producer Alicia Cargyle as well as model Stella Maxwell.</p>

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