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Lee Jae Wook, star of Extraordinary You, and Karina Aespa release an official statement about their dating

<p>Karina, a member of the current girl group sensation Aespa, and well-known South Korean actor Lee Jae Wook are reportedly dating. The couple was reportedly spotted hanging out at the Prada fashion show. Their agencies have updated their fans and made official statements, though. JoyNews 24 received a statement from Aespa’s agency, SM Entertainment, stating, “We are looking into the reports”. The agency representing Lee Jae Wook stated, “We are investigating the reports after reading the article.”</p>
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<p>Lee Jae Wook is who?<br />
Model and actor Lee Jae Wook hails from South Korea. He first appeared in the television series Memories of Alhambra. He became well-known after landing a major part in Search: WWW. Extraordinary You, When the Weather is Fine, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, True Beauty, and Alchemy of Souls are some of his other well-known pieces. In addition, he has appeared in the films Hong Rang, Death’s Game, Kiss Sixth Sense, Move to Series, and The Impossible Heir.</p>
<p>With his remarkable acting abilities and adaptability, Lee Jae Wook has quickly amassed millions of fans. He has received numerous honors, including the Korea Drama Award, MBC Drama Award, KBS Drama Award, Asia Artist Award, and Asia Model Award.</p>
<p>Who is Karina from Aespa?<br />
Karina is a singer, rapper, and dancer who was born Yu Ji-min. The female group Aespa is led by her. The four girls that make up Aespa are Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning. Their group focuses primarily on the idea of the metaverse. Black Mamba, their debut single, quickly shot to the top of the charts. The music charts also saw success for their other songs, Savage, Girls, My World, and Drama.</p>

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