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How Much Does Rajinikanth Charge for a 40-Minute Role in Lal Salaam? What We Know Is As follows

<p>In the film Lal Salaam, directed by his daughter Aishwaryaa Rajinikanth, Rajinikanth will have a longer part. This weekend is the movie’s scheduled release. Fans are excited to witness what Rajinikanth and Aishwarya have together in the movie, but according to a recent allegation, Rajinikanth is charging an outrageous amount for the long appearance. Rajinikanth reportedly charges per minute and has a part in Lal Salaam that lasts between thirty and forty minutes.</p>
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<p>Rajinikanth reportedly got an incredible Rs 40 crore for Lal Salaam, according to a report from Note: At the time of posting, News18 was unable to confirm the claim. At the soundtrack release, AR Rahman said that although the Tamil diva hasn’t participated in the movie, she has contributed to the language.</p>
<p>Rahman said, “When Aishwarya first told me the story of the film…,” as quoted by Indian Express. “This movie is going to be boring, da,” I thought. I assumed it would be didactic. Before I viewed the movie… Thoughtfully handled, the sections that I had assumed would be corny and preachy ended up being quite touching. When I questioned her about who created the dialogue for the film, she said, “I wrote and Appa changed a bit.” I understood that to be his wisdom. Due of his reverence for all things, he has done extensive study and made several unusual statements.</p>
<p>Vishnu and Vikranth play the main characters in the sports drama Lal Salaam, while Rajinikanth has a lengthy cameo. Aishwarya underlined how delicate the subject matter of the movie is and said that only someone with a great deal of empathy, like her father, would agree to work on a project like this.</p>
<p>Lyca Productions’ film will be released in theaters on February 9 and promises to provide viewers with a distinctive cinematic experience. Their emotional bond and dedication to meaningful filmmaking are evident as Aishwarya Rajinikanth fervently defends her father against online criticism, building excitement for the premiere of Lal Salaam.</p>

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