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Ryan Gosling, a Barbie star, wants to perform I’m Ken at the Oscars

<p>The movie Barbie, which is based on the famous doll, became a surprise box office hit in 2023, collecting one of the biggest sums of money of the year. The Oscars caused controversy when they failed to include main actress Margot Robbie and director Greta Gerwig in their nominees, despite the movie’s box office triumph. The actor who portrayed Ken, Ryan Gosling, expressed his dissatisfaction and criticism of the nominations in public.</p>
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<p>Aside from Ryan’s vivacious performance, his song I’m Just Ken gained immense popularity among movie buffs. Recently, in an interview with Variety, Ryan Gosling said that he would be open to performing the upbeat song at the Oscars event. He recognized that there could be dangers involved with his participation on the prominent stage, but he also disclosed that despite his eagerness, the organizers haven’t contacted him for the performance.</p>
<p>“I still haven’t been asked,” he said. I may not be able to handle the danger. I’m not sure how it would function. However, I’m up for it. He is dubious about performing the song on the largest Hollywood platform and night, however. Robbie reassures him, “Don’t worry,” in the interim. Every chance we have, we jab Ryan: “Do it.” Come on. It will be enjoyable. It’s interesting to note that Gosling and Robbie become excited when Ken is asked to perform since they know that Barbie will be rooting for him in the crowd. “I would love nothing more,” the actress continues. That would bring the world and myself immense joy.</p>
<p>Ryan Gosling won’t be performing I’m Just Ken at the Oscars by himself; Mark Ronson, the creator of the Barbie music, may accompany him onstage. Ronson said in the same chat how much he would love for Gosling to sing the song and how it would be a dream come true for him.</p>
<p>The La La Land actor believes that portraying Ken was the most difficult part of his career. Due to schedule issues, he first turned down the offer, but in the end, he took the role and did extensive study on the character. Identifying it as a “high wire act, in tiny shorts and no shirt, with no net,” Gosling accepted the task despite having no experience with it other than looks. Gosling, however, drew influence from his own early life experiences. He went over and above to make sure he wouldn’t be associated with spoiling the Barbie movie, determined not to let the famous part fall flat.</p>

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