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Will Go Hyun-jung And Ji Chang-wook Appear In The Mantis, A Suspenseful TV Series? Learn More

<p>Fans and industry insiders are giddy over Korean actor Ji Chang-wook’s recent decision to turn down the chance to portray the male lead in the forthcoming Korean version of the French thriller La Mante. The actor, who is well-known for his adaptability and compelling performances, was originally supposed to play a key part in the series, according to a story published on January 9 by TenAsia. However, once a representative from Ji Chang-wook’s agency, Spring Company, provided clarification, the expectation around his participation took a different turn. The official said that while Ji Chang-wook did get an offer for La Mante, he was forced to turn it down because to unforeseen schedule issues.</p>
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<p>After his recent success in the JTBC drama Welcome to Samdalri, fans were hoping to see the actor in a fresh and demanding part. They were saddened to learn of this announcement. According to Soompi, Ji Chang Wook’s depiction of Cho Yong-pil, a meteorologist at the Jeju Meteorological Administration, won praise for its intensity and nuance in this drama.</p>
<p>The story of Welcome to Samdalri centers on Jo Sam Dal, a once-famous photographer who has a humiliating occurrence that causes him to lose his dignity. Now, she goes back to her hometown—a place she had always wished to stay away from. Here, she reunites with Ji Chang-wook’s character, Jo Yong-pil, her long-lost childhood buddy.</p>
<p>Amidst these events, the focus has also turned to actress Go Hyun-jung, who is purportedly currently in negotiations for the main role in La Mante. The actress, who gained recognition for her compelling portrayal of Kim Momi in Netflix’s Mask Girl, is now examining the production’s offer.</p>
<p>The August 2023 film Mask Girl depicts the tumultuous life of Kim Mo-mi, a regular office worker who has an image issue. The character works as an online broadcast BJ, hiding her face behind a mask every night and getting caught up with unplanned events.</p>
<p>Speaking to the much-awaited show itself, La Mante, a Korean translation, is modeled by the eponymous French thriller series. The protagonist of the story is a lady who was once a serial murderer but is now serving a lengthy jail sentence. A compelling story is told as the police approach her to help solve the crimes as a string of killings with her unique style emerges.</p>
<p>Since its 2017 Netflix release, the original French-language miniseries has garnered a lot of positive reviews.</p>

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