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After making a joke about Travis Kelce’s relationship, Taylor Swift gives the host of the Golden Globes a death stare

<p>Comedian Jo Koy, who presented the 81st Golden Globes in 2024, accidentally offended Taylor Swift with a joke about her attendance at NFL games cheering for her boyfriend, Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs. During his hosting duties at the January 7 Los Angeles awards presentation, where Swift’s concert video, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour was nominated, Koy, who was obviously anxious, tried to lighten the mood of the crowd by making fun of Swift’s NFL limelight. The Grammy winner seemed unhappy as the cameras panned to the singer, who was sitting next to A-list celebrities including Emma Stone and Miles Teller’s wife Keleigh. She gave him a dead glare, pressed her lips, and then took a sip from her drink.</p>
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<p>“As you know, we came after a big football doubleheader, a big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL?” Koy stated in his speech. We have less pictures of Taylor Swift from the Golden Globes. There’s more to explore here, I promise. I apologize for it. Although the crowd did not laugh much, Swifties subsequently criticized the comic for making an unneeded joke about the Shake it Off singer.</p>
<p>Jo Koy made a joke at the Golden Globes 2024, but Taylor Swift seemed to be enjoying herself. Despite the fact that Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, her concert film, was not the winner, she was often seen yelling in support of the winners in other categories. Swift got back up with Selena Gomez, her longtime friend and performer.</p>
<p>When Taylor was seen at a Chiefs game in Kansas City in September, there was early speculation that she was dating Travis Kelce. Since then, the duo has supported one another at a number of events by routinely making appearances together. Swift has been seen supporting Kelce at Chiefs games, and Kelce has returned the favor by attending Swift’s historic Eras Tour. They even spent New Year’s Eve and Christmas together. On Christmas Day, the singer even took her family to see Kelce play, and at midnight on New Year’s Eve, 2024 began with a kiss between the duo.</p>
<p>Jo Koy, the host of the Golden Globes, opened the program with a string of jokes directed at many celebrities, including Robert De Niro and Saltburn actor Barry Keoghan. In Maestro, he even made fun of Bradley Cooper’s artificial nose and made jokes about Barbie and Oppenheimer. Koy’s quips, however, didn’t appear to impress the majority of the crowd, even the celebrities present at the Beverly Hills location. Jo even accused his authors of writing poorly in one of his segments.</p>

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