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SkyDrive And Suzuki Join Forces To Start Building Flying Cars In Japan

<p>In Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, a Suzuki-owned facility will begin producing flying automobiles thanks to a partnership between Suzuki Motor Corporation and SkyDrive Inc.</p>
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<p>These electric, autonomous flying vehicles, or eVTOLs, are designed to completely transform urban transportation.</p>
<p>This partnership, which was started in June 2023, entails using SkyDrive’s subsidiary Sky Works Inc. to manufacture the SkyDrive (SD-05 model).</p>
<p><strong>EVTOL: Everything You Should Know</strong><br />
An electric vertical take-off and landing flying vehicle, or eVTOL for short, functions similarly to a small, three-seater drone and is comparable to a helicopter. With self-governing capabilities like Autopilot, it is capable of vertical takeoff and landing. According to Autocar, these flying automobiles are intended to be used as “air taxis” in the future, offering a way to relieve urban traffic congestion.</p>
<p><strong>THE TRANSPORTATION FUTURE</strong><br />
The need for personal transportation options is growing as a result of the extreme traffic congestion that cities are experiencing. With the ability to avoid gridlock and deliver effective intercity transportation, air taxis are a viable alternative.</p>
<p><strong>OTHER GAME participants</strong><br />
Not only SkyDrive and Suzuki are stepping into the realm of flying cars,. Additionally, businesses like Hyundai, Klein Vision, and PAL-V Liberty are developing. Based on the e-VTOL architecture, Hyundai’s air taxi idea is scheduled to launch its first passenger flight in 2028.</p>
<p><strong>Are the flying cars going to land in India?</strong><br />
Since 2018, SkyDrive has been actively developing cargo drones and flying automobiles in India. In Japan’s hilly areas, they have effectively tested freight drones, and they have even created a basic electric flying automobile that seats two people.</p>
<p>The goal of the Suzuki partnership in 2022 was to bring the tested prototype to market. In keeping with its “Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter, and Neater” goal, Suzuki Motors is advancing a number of technologies, such as electrification, mass manufacturing, and weight reduction.</p>
<p>Additionally, SkyDrive has said that, as a result of a collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology (DST), it would test its eVTOL in Gujarat by 2027. The goal of this project is to investigate the commercial prospects mentioned in the DST partnership agreement.</p>
<p>To better support SkyDrive eVTOL’s Indian initiatives, SkyDrive has teamed with Cyient, an Indian startup located in Hyderabad, to get more technical support.</p>

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