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Adven-X and Yezdi Streetfighter Were Seen at an Indian Event; Expected to Arrive Soon

<p>Yezdi Motorcycles is making inroads into the Indian market and attempting to take the lead in the cutthroat 350 categories. For Indian consumers, the brand offers the Streetfighter and Adven-X bikes. On one occasion, both models turned heads with their ensembles and audacious postures.</p>
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<p>As of now, the corporation has not released any formal launch-related information. Not even the specifications have been made public. According to certain sources, the brand may provide some information or cast doubt on the bikes in the days to come.</p>
<p><strong>All About Streetfighter Yezdi</strong><br />
In terms of the Streetfighter’s design highlights, it resembles a neo-retro roadster and is visible in black. It has a striking body construction and only one seating configuration. According to the pictures, it has a flat handlebar with a comfortable riding posture, twin exhaust, and a circular light system.</p>
<p><strong>A Few Principal Elements</strong><br />
Speaking wheels and disc brakes on both ends are elements of the vehicle. Its suspension system consists of a standard telescopic fork up front and dual shock absorbers at the back.</p>
<p><strong>Adven-X Design, Yezdi</strong><br />
With its white color scheme, the Yezdi Adven-X seems to be the ideal adventure motorbike. When it comes, it is anticipated to provide the KTM 390 Adventure and Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 with fierce competition.</p>
<p>It has spoke wheels that resemble those of the Streetfighter, a single seating configuration, and a single exhaust with a matte finish. It differs from the competition with its long-travel suspension, off-road tires, and elevated front fender.</p>

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