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At Last, Nadella of Microsoft Explains Why The Company Partnered With OpenAI To Advance Big AI

<p>Thanks to its collaboration with OpenAI, which has given it access to the newest ChatGPT versions before other companies can test them, Microsoft has a significant advantage over its competitors in the AI space. Even though OpenAI has undergone significant changes recently, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, and other team members still serve as the company’s leaders.</p>
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<p>However, we were never told why Microsoft, headed by Satya Nadella, chose to collaborate with OpenAI, or what aspects of the AI behemoth drew Nadella’s attention.</p>
<p>Recently, the CEO of Microsoft has been speaking openly, and in one of the most recent podcasts, Nadella finally provided us with details on the alliance and the process by which Microsoft chose to go forward with the special arrangement. In a podcast, Nadella was cited as stating, “I met folks at OpenAI—Sam (Altman) and Greg (Brockman)—and one of the things they had] was that they have a different approach to things and we wanted to partner.”</p>
<p>In addition, he calls OpenAI “one of the high ambition technology innovation companies,” a description that, according to Nadella, has given Microsoft a great advantage over other AI behemoths in the market.</p>
<p>Microsoft and OpenAI have an intriguing partnership, and Nadella is well aware of the need to provide them with the flexibility to develop and innovate. According to reports, Microsoft has contributed over $10 billion to this collaboration, the majority of which is for hardware support. It’s obvious that Nadella spotted something special in Altman and Company, and his business is now benefiting from the gamble.</p>
<p>Speaking about AI, Nadella recently said that, with all the resources and technologies at Google’s disposal, he finds it unbelievable that the company is not at the forefront of the field. Actually, Nadella was heard stating on a podcast that Google ought to have won by default. According to him, Google is the business best positioned vertically to benefit from the AI revolution. It has the technology, the labor force, and even the data to train the AI models, after all.</p>

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