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Meet the guy who used to make Rs 1000 a month selling snacks at movie theaters and who now controls a Rs 5000 crore firm. His company is

<p>Chandubhai Virani, the founder of Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd, is a guy who flourished in life and has a great deal of bravery and determination.</p>
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<p>Raised in a farming family in Gujarat, he struggled financially when his first business attempt to sell farm equipment and supplies failed after two years.</p>
<p>Virani never lost up in the face of this failure and started a new company with much more planning and commitment. His business has expanded throughout the country and is now valued at crores of rupees.</p>
<p>His success story serves as a reminder that anybody can overcome any obstacle and achieve tremendous success with dedication, hard effort, and careful preparation.</p>
<p>In order to help his family out financially, Chandubhai Virani took on a variety of menial occupations. For example, he would fix movie seats, paste posters, and sell snacks in theaters for Rs 1000 a month. He made the decision to start his own company, nonetheless, since he was unhappy in these positions. When he started manufacturing his own chips, the public responded favorably. After that, in 1982, Chandubhai established the first factory for his potato wafer company with a loan of Rs 1.5 lakh from a bank.</p>
<p>He and his brothers founded Balaji Wafers Private Limited in 1992 with a daily manufacturing capacity of 6.5 million kilos of potatoes and 10 million kilograms of namkeen, capitalizing on the factory’s success. Balaji Wafers is one of India’s top snack producers today, offering a large selection of goods and a robust distribution system.</p>
<p>Currently, Chandubhai Virani’s Balaji Wafers is a sizable business with a 12 percent market share in snacks valued at Rs 43,800 crore. With a revenue of Rs 5000 crore in March of last year, it is the third-biggest snack vendor in India. The firm makes 3,400 kg of chips each hour and employs 7000 workers, half of them are women.</p>

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