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Planning a New Business with the Least Amount of Capital? This Could Be A Wise Decision

<p>Juice, while often disregarded, is crucial to a healthy diet. Juices are a practical method to take key vitamins and minerals, as well as being rich in essential nutrients and hydration. Juicing is a significant nutritional component that may be included in one’s regimen to promote general health and well-being.</p>
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<p>Juice stores in India are making considerable profits after they open by offering protein smoothies in addition to fruit and vegetable juices, a move motivated by the country’s growing health concern. It’s a terrific moment to open a juice corner since fitness fanatics are essential to the success of the juice industry. You may increase the size of your target market by providing protein shakes.</p>
<p>An investment of Rs 5-7 lakh is usually needed to start a juice corner since basic store products must be purchased.</p>
<p>With the right fruits, equipment, and a medium-sized storefront in the market, a juice company may thrive all year round. You may open your business after receiving approval from the food authority of the local corporation.</p>
<p>If you want to start a juice corner, you may either rent a store in the market or, better yet, use an already-existing one. Next, stock the store with necessary equipment, such as refrigerators, fruit cutting machines, mixing machines, and stainless steel mixers. Stock up on fruits, veggies, sugar, syrup, milk, ice cream, water, and protein as your basic materials. The size of your company and the amount of business depends determine how many staff you recruit, but generally speaking, beginning with two to three individuals should be enough.</p>
<p>While focusing on certain demographics is important, it’s equally critical to target a wide audience. You may get more clients by providing exclusive discounts or offers to runners, gym-goers, and fitness lovers. Placing your store next to a fitness facility can increase exposure and draw in customers that value fitness and health, which will maximize the advantages for your company.</p>
<p>Your sales success will determine how much of a profit margin you get. A net profit of between 50 and 70 percent may usually be anticipated for each glass of juice sold. For example, if you sell 10,000 units on a given day, your net profit may be as much as Rs 5,000 or even more, depending on a number of variables.</p>

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