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Meet Asma Hussain, a fashion designer for celebrities including PM Modi and Saira Banu

<p>Asma Hussain is a well-known Indian fashion designer who is descended from Shuja-ud-Daula and a member of the Awadh royal dynasty. In 1994, she debuted her first collection, and in Uttar Pradesh, she established the Asma Hussain Institute of Fashion Technology (AIFT). Nevertheless, she is renowned for her amazing work in addition to her royal heritage.</p>
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<p>She is well known for the clothing that many well-known people have worn, including Yogi Aditynath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Other celebrities who have worn her clothing include Kirron Kher, Shabana Azmi, and former Bollywood actress Saira Banu. Her fashion firm was reportedly established in 1996 by Dev Anand, a well-known Bollywood celebrity at the time.</p>
<p>The National Council for Vocational Training of the Government of India has recognized the Asma Hussain Institute of Fashion Technology. In a previous interview, Asma Hussain said that she spent her childhood seeing her mother sew garments. She started learning how to use sewing machines at the age of six. She said that this is the reason she became interested in sewing clothing, which as she grew older became a talent.</p>
<p>Asma Hussain also said that she abandoned her medical career in the middle of 1993 to pursue her goal of being a designer in Lucknow. Her mission to use her skill to restore the city’s lost culture and traditions began when she started working as a fashion designer in Lucknow. She said that finding craftsmen capable of doing exquisite and delicate work was challenging when she first arrived in Lucknow. She traveled to various parts of the nation to see various works of art and discovered that some work was done by hand.</p>
<p>Her life changed in 1995 when, at the suggestion of her friends, she founded the Asma Hussain Institute of Fashion Technology in Hazratganj and even began teaching what she was most passionate about. The students that Asma Hussain taught design courses to are currently working in various nations.</p>

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