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Blupunkt Aims for 4% of the TV Market and Strengthens Its Relationship With Amazon

<p>Amazon India and Blaupunkt TV have teamed to become the brand’s new e-commerce platform. Through this relationship, the brand will be able to reach prospective customers in India with its high-end and reasonably priced TVs. Thus, 19,000 pincodes in India will now have access to Blaupunkt TVs.</p>
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<p>Furthermore, from January 13 to January 19, Blaupunkt TVs will be offered during the Amazon Republic Day Sale. According to the corporation, this relationship would allow it to achieve a market share of 4% by FY24–25. During the Republic Day sale on Amazon, the brand’s selection of TVs, which includes QLED panels, will be available for as little as Rs 21,999, 4K Google televisions for Rs 25,999, and more reasonably priced alternatives for Rs 14,999.</p>
<p>For those who are unaware, in June 2021 Blaupunkt TV made a comeback in the Indian market thanks to a collaboration with Flipkart.</p>
<p>Following this achievement, SPPL’s CEO, Mr. Avneet Singh Marwah, said, “We are strategically positioning ourselves for substantial growth in the Indian market.” We had a successful reintroduction because to our exclusive agreement with Flipkart. Now that we see FY24–FY25 as critical, we want to increase our market presence by 4%. We intend to intensify our strategic alliances and investments going forward.”</p>

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